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PDS (Products, Documents and Services) is a versatile information system, designed for management of all commercial company’s documentation. It covers all the process of product purchase and its service warranty and post-warranty maintenance.

PDS is a system for processing and management of commercial information through the Internet. It is an easily controlled tool for business arrangement that saves time and funds. Earlier managers had to spend several hours to form one document. In PDS most processes are performed automatically.

The scope of PDS application is very wide. The system performance is global and is not limited by time and place. It could process an enormous amount of information. Furthermore, it could be adapted by any type of commercial company with strict commercial documentation control. Product type is not limited either. PDS is especially convenient to work with to the companies that have a network of dealers and suppliers disposed in different cities and countries.

Though information is accessed through the Internet, PDS provides strict control of user access rights. Thereby users have different access to information even inside the same company. PDS provides flexible management of user access to the information (viewing, editing, deleting, copying etc.) to the system administrator beginning from menu items and ending with separate data elements.

PDS consists of separate subsystems. The most important ones are: Products, Documents, Services, Configurator, Reports, Users access control subsystems.

PDS provides a convenient and simple interface for participants of any level of sale process: managers that prepare orders; workers that deliver products; accountants that control payments; workers that perform service maintenance; administrators that control and analyze the process on all its stages.

The wide range of unified document forms provided by PDS allows recording and classifying any event of commercial process (order, delivery, payment, service request, executed works, etc.) and provides univocal understanding of the information by all participants. Documents are created and modified through the Internet and can be exported as Microsoft Office documents.

Provided services (copying, automatic calculation of prices with a flexible system of discounts, recalculation of total amounts at any change, strict logic control, etc.) ensure automated and correct document creation. It saves essentially the time (right up to several minutes for one document) and intellectual resources.

Automatic formation of a sequence of logically related documents allows to trace out the whole sale process. This feature is especially important for companies, where an order, product delivery and payment are stretched in time.

The relation of purchased and resold products in incoming and outcoming bills of delivery is establishing automatically. Then the documents could be traced and the whole process of product delivery and payment analyzed by the following scheme: supplier => intermediary => client. This is especially important for companies that deal with deferred payments.

The built-in automatic notification of participants of commercial process by e-mail provides fast reaction to all events and the administration control capability.

PDS provides perfect tool for defining order and logic of complex product assembling from separate modules PDS Configurator. This tool ensure easy, fast and accurate configuration process of complex products that consist of many separate modules. The price of a complex product is automatically calculated depending on configuration and granted discount in the indicated currency. PDS configurator is targeted to sales managers for quick proposal preparation and price evaluation. Usual ATM configuration through PDS takes about 2 minutes comparing to 30-40 minutes expected for manual configuration. It saves time and brainpower for more qualified job. Created configuration is stored as a document within PDS document system.

PDS provides tools for fixation and classification of all levels of equipment service maintenance, such as a service agreement, calls, work planning and performance, calculation of work cost price and needed resources, etc.

PDS reports are created on a base of information associated with documents that always provides up-to-date information. Reports could be generated in text or graphical form. The range of reports is wide, reports could be generated by various criteria - country, partner company, end-user, period, sales volumes, products, etc.
PDS system provides also access to reports through mobile services.

PDS system has convenient and friendly multilingual interface for company’s foreign partners. New languages could be added easily. A number of languages is unlimited. The time needed for new language implementation depends only on interpreter’s work speed.

PDS modularity ensures flexible system configuration. Owing to modularity the system would fit different customerís requirements regarding functionality and price.